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Kerr Baillie Accident Repair Centre

Accident Repair

Please remember that in the unfortunate event of an accident you have the right to select which Bodyshop repairs your car. We have highly trained staff and use only insurance company approved parts, paints and materials.

The Office of Fair Trading has ruled against insurance companies making it illegal for them to insist on customers using their selected repairers.

If the insurance company tells you you will not be provided with a courtesy car unless you go to their designated repairer, don't worry, we will provide you with one.

So why get your car repaired miles away when you can get it done locally?

Repairs and Restorations

Our highly experienced Bodyshop technicians can repair any dent, scratch or broken trim.

If your car has a water leak we can trace it and fix it.

We can fit wing mirrors, windows, trim, door handles, door seals, window regulators, interior and exterior trim, basically anything body related we can repair or replace.

We also have a lot of classic car restorations under our belt and even custom 4x4’s.

Please phone us on 01294 604619 or drop by for a quote.

Bodywork Service

 Over time contaminants build up on your car’s paint work. This results in your paint looking dull and no amount of cleaning helps. The only way to combat this is to machine polish your car which removes a microscopic layer of paint revealing fresh shiny paint underneath.

A body service starts from £99, please phone us on 01294 469124 or drop by for a quote.

We also offer Supagard interior and exterior protection packs for £199.